• By tokenizing physical minerals using blockchain and other latest technology such as the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence, we add the much-needed liquidity and fairness to the African Agro-Mining Sector that has been afflicted by special foreign interests at the detriment of African countries and the local agro-miners adversely deprived by capital.  


  • More importantly, Raaskoinization drives the democratization and levels the playing field of the African Agro-Mining Sector long-held by multinational foreign companies.  Built as  ERC20 Smart Contract with 18 decimals running on the Ethereum Decentralized Blockchain, Raaskoin allows ownership of a fraction of an LBMA-Grade Precious Metals divisible up to 18 units, making it an affordable investment. 


  • Raaskoinization brings transparency to the chronically opaque African Agro-Mining Sector monopolized by foreign agro-mining conglomerates and predators by recording on an immutable shared peer-to-peer ledger that contains the whole history of the Raaskoin Tokenization Process.   With this immutable record, Raaskoin becomes highly tamper resistant and ensures that relevant stakeholders can track and trace mineral sourcing up to the final destination on the open market according to rules agreed upon by everyone using the Blockchain. 


  • Furthermore, the Raaskoin ecosystem's immutable chain of custody removes physical barriers along with geographical and infrastructural limits and allows tracking in real-time to identify and prevent potentially fraudulent and criminal activities and money laundering by disseminating key due diligence to all participating supply chain stakeholders.

  • Example of Raaskoin as an Efficient Development Instrument for African Countries:

    • Based on proven gold deposit reserves or other approved mining resources, Raaskoin Ecosystem will create Raaskoin Reserves for a given country and mine these mineral resources to increase the precious metals (gold, silver & platinum) backing Raaskoin.  This will increase Raaskoin's Redemption Rate and Market Price.

    • Since Raaskoin is a Digital Title of Gold, Silver & Platinum, and it is Instantly Transferable Worldwide as an ERC20 running on Ethereum Blockchain and it is Spendable like Cash, the above Raaskoin Reserves will be used to acquire necessary technologies, equipment, and manpower for Infrastructure Development such as roads, railways, airports, ports ... without the need to burden the country with foreign debt.  

    • In fact, as the utility of Raaskoin will be increasing, so will its market price.  Thus, the country can then use the above Raaskoin Reserves to pay off its foreign debts. In other words, Raaskoin will free Africa from DEBT and from an international monetary system dominated by foreign currencies.

    • Since Raaskoin will be freely circulating and fungible to the domestic currency, the holders will use their Raaskoins for domestic and international expenses with ease using their Raaskoin cards or QR loaded on their mobile phones at lightning speed since Raaskoin is interchangeable with gold, silver, and platinum.