• Name: Raakoin

  • Ticker Symbol: Raas



  • Raaskoin Total  Supply:  100,000,000

  • Primary Exchange Listing: Raastrade Quantum Resistant Exchange

  • Home Blockchain: Raastrade Quantum Resistant Blockchain




  • Raaskoin is Securely Built as an ERC20 Smart Contract Running on Ethereum Blockchain - thus instantly Transferable Worldwide.

  • Raaskoin is a Stablecoin backed by physical gold, silver, and platinum to be mined out of the Mining Facilities the sponsor Company Rise Africa & Shine in Africa (https://www.risafrica.com/).

  • Raaskoin is Redeemable at the Redeeming Rate of 100 Raaskoins = 1gr Pure Gold refined @ 99.99% or its equivalent in Silver or Platinum.


  • The Physical Delivery will start from 50gr plus bars. 

  • Between 5gr to 50 gr: Raaskoin can be redeemed into Physical Gold and Silver Coins to be Minted by Coin USA


  • However, there are only 66,000 Minted Raaskoins @ 24 Karat Gold and 66,000 Minted Raaskoins @ 0. 999 Fine Silver on the Planet


  • The Physical Minted Raaskoins have been verified and approved by Rarible as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – meaning as Rare Collectible Pieces and they are now listed on Rarible and Opensea NFT Marketplace where they can be acquired and redeemed  now as unique & redeemable rare pieces & collectibles. .

  • Raaskoin is Spendable like Cash with Raaskoin Debit Cards. 

  • Raaskoin is Income-Supported by  50% of the Net Earnings from the Agro- Mining Operations of its Sponsor Company Rise Africa & Shine


  • This support alone will rise the Redemption Rate from 100 Raaskoins = 1 Gr of gold or 1 Raaskoin = around $0.61 at the current gold price to 1 Raaskoin = more than $16 - that is 27x.  This makes Raaskoin Stablecoin Unique.


  • In other words, Raaskoins Holders will be paid an Annual Royalty over the Mineral Production  (Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Tantalum/Niobium, Cobalt/Copper. Rare Earth Elements, etc.) by Rise Africa & Shine.  This Royalty will increase the Redemption Rate in terms of more backing precious metals every year.


  • This Organic Appreciation doesn't take into account the potential rise of prices of gold, silver & platinum once the looming economic crisis hits and the Upsurge  of Raaskoin Market Price as it becomes more adopted as a Valuable Crypto Asset – especially since its Total Supply – like Bitcoin Supply – is Scarce and Limited at 100 million Raaskoins.


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