Horizontal Integration:

From Thrid-Party Agro-Mining 

Resources to Raaskoin



We Raaskoinize the precious metals held by individuals, corporation, and governments.  Other agro-mineral resources will be added later.  Some estimates show more than $544 Trillion worth of assets - including equity, investment funds, bonds, real estate, minerals, REITS - are already are experiencing the Benefits of Tokenization

Raaskoinization Process:

  • Open Raastrade Account 

  • Create a Deposit / Transfer Request in the Raastrade website and receive a Deposit Reference ID.  

  • Deposit or transfer the physical precious metals to be tokenized to a Vault or a Central Bank approved by Raastrade

  • The Partner Vault or Central Bank receives, verifies and parcelizes the precious metals to be Raaskonized. 

  • Raaskoins are sent to Wallet address at market value.


Deposit and Raaskoinize Physical Precious Metals 

Please log in or register and Raaskoinize Precious Metals.


  • You can redeem your Raaskoins any time for gold, silver and platinum.

  • You must have an approved Raastrade account and provide a compatible Ethereum address that holds the Raskoins you wish to redeem.

  • Select the Mode of Delivery and send your Raaskoins within the redemption time limit.

  • The redeemed preciousl metals are sent to the destination of your choice.


Please log in or register to Redeem your Raaskoins against Precious Metals.