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320,158 metric tons of Refined Gold valued at $13 trillion just in Uganda

(As per Mining Technology)


More Than Enough Gold for a Reset of the Global Gold Standard

The Future of Blockchain

Raasystem Gold Standard in Action

Tokenization of African Resources 



Own a Decentralized Non-Custodial Wallet Gateway that you Control

Built on a blockchain system that is impregnable, incorruptible, and irreversible, making it, impossible for any State, central bank, state-approved banking system, or international agency like the IMF or World Bank to alter, attack, or censor.


Beyond the programmability, meddling, and geopolitical influence of any central government, like the Digital Yuan or the upcoming Fed Coin.

Each transaction is immutable and recorded on a public ledger, enabling immediate transferability, settlements, and payment with gold and silver.

Your Keys, your gold, your silver, your assets, your funds. 


A Fusion of Blockchain Technology with the Long-Term Stability & Wealth Protection of Gold & Silver... all incorporated into the One-of-a-Kind & Revolutionary Raaskoin - a Stable Medium of Exchange and Store of Value Asset Dedicated to the Digitization of African Resources & Markets—the Next World's Most Vibrant Market & Blockchain Frontier.


Within the Raasystem, Raaskoin serves as both a native medium of exchange and a store of value.


Unwavering in terms of Value Creation & Technology

By blending our on-ground operations with Blockchain and Metaverse Technologies, the Raaswallet Users are able to:

  • Live Track & Trace our mines, agro-fields, and vaulted gold and silver.

  • Monitor our Agro-Mining Supply Chain in real-time, anywhere, any time.

Meet the Team

With Raaswallet, you can take control of your financial freedom thanks to its stable blockchain asset, Raaskoin, which is 100% backed and redeemable

for gold and silver in the following three easy steps:


Get your Raaswallet.


Enter the most Versatile Built-ins and APIs ever built on a Blockchain & Metaverse Wallet.


Enjoy Complete Privacy and Financial Freedom.


Simply said, Raaswallet gives you access to tangible ownership of gold and silver, assets that increase in value over time.

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