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Explore the Blend of Gold and Technology

in Tokenizing African Resources


Groundbreaking Financial Architecture

Powered by Blockchain and Backed by Gold



Own a Decentralized Non-Custodial Wallet Gateway that you Control

Because it is based on a blockchain system that is impregnable, incorruptible, and irreversible, no State, central bank, state-approved banking system, or international organization like the IMF or World Bank can alter, attack, or censor it.

Beyond any central government's programmability, interference, and geopolitical sway.

Every transaction is irreversible and recorded on a public ledger, allowing for instant transferability, settlements, and payment in gold and silver.

Your Keys, your gold, your silver, your assets, your funds. 

Get Raaswallet

A Fusion of Blockchain Technology with the Perennial Stability & Wealth Protection of Gold.  Raaskoin Gold Price = 0.001 gr Gold.  Its Market Price is determined by Gold Spot Market Price.


One-of-a-Kind and Revolutionary Stable Medium of Exchange and Store of Value Asset Dedicated to the Digitization of African Resources & Markets—the Next World's Most Vibrant Market & Blockchain Frontier.


A Native Medium of Exchange and a Store of Value within Raasystem.


Unwavering in our Pursuit of  Innovation & Value Creation

Anchored to Raaskoin at a 1:10 Ratio, the Raastoken Gold Price is fundamentally established at 0.0001 grams of Gold, creating a robust Stop-Loss mechanism to counter volatility and ensure value preservation. Its Market Price is determined by the Markets


This symbiotic bond between Raastoken and Raaskoin not only instills confidence but also provides a blueprint for a future where digital currencies become cornerstones of reliability and resilience, paving the way for a new era of financial empowerment and inclusivity.


Meet the Founder

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ganziro, an esteemed American Professor of International Economics & Finance, holds a Doctorate from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University, New York.


He is the author of "Exorbitant Burden and the Dawn of the African Century," and is recognized as a distinguished entrepreneur in business, mining, and technology.

  • Dr. Ganziro

With Raaswallet, you can take control of your financial freedom thanks to its stable blockchain assets, Raastoken and Raaskoin, which are 100% backed and redeemable for gold in the following three easy steps:


Get your Raaswallet.


Enter the most Versatile Built-ins and APIs ever built on a Blockchain  Wallet.


Enjoy Complete Privacy and Financial Freedom.


Simply said, Raaswallet gives you access to tangible ownership of gold, a secure asset that increases in value over time.

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